Fee Schedule

The weekly tuition you pay for child care is shown in the following table.

Paying students During school breaks
     Toddler Part time 1 $48 Full time 2 $142 $142
     Preschool Part time 1 $48 Full time 2 $142 $142
     If attending O. R. Preschool $48 $142
     School age Part time 1 $45 Full time 2 $100 $100
     School age summer fee7 $45 $100
     Registration fee $100
Students on a voucher
     All children Amount listed as “parent fee”


  1. Part time is defined as less than 21 hours per week.
  2. Full time is defined as 21 hours or more per week.
  3. Bills go out on Tuesday of every week and payment is due on Friday. The bill is for the week in which the bill is sent.
  4. The fees will be charged for every week that a child is enrolled. There is no cessation of payments due to absences.
  5. If your child is scheduled for part time attendance, any weeks that they attend full time will be charged the full-time rate.
  6. The yearly fee for supplies is due on March 1.
  7. During summer attendance, each school age child will be charged $50 to cover expenses such as field trips and guest speakers.


To begin the registration process, download and complete the Application Form. You may then either bring a printed copy to Blossom Center, or upload it to us via the Contact Us page on this website.


Once you have registered your child, there are several other documents which you should download:

ParentHandbook: This will tell you everything you need to know about our policies, licensing, programs, and staff.

Flu Information Form:     General information from the CDC about the flu